Mas Agua E​.​P.

by Mas Agua

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Mas Agua's debut E.P.

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Mas Agua Team

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Written and performed by David Ellis

Produced by David Ellis, Jack Allcock *Be Like You

Artwork by Jon Ellis


released February 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Mas Agua London, UK

Mas Agua is a contemporary project founded by musician David Ellis. The band is now a duo consisting of himself and the talented Sophia Leader.

Self titled 'Mas Agua E.P.' is Mas Agua's debut E.P and was released in February 2014. Track 'Be Like You' was recently named record of the week by BBC Introducing Kent and aired on BBC Radio Kent, as well as 'Towers' being aired across the UK and US.
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Track Name: Towers
Here under the water and under these flowers beneath my feet,
I squander my chance with the weight of the world rushing by me.
Well I was born under the shadow of these towers over me,
And here out in the sunlight where the grass is always green.

I know theres a river running for me,
And it goes over the mountains and the sea.

Here out in the darkness, under the shadow of your bed,
And you, you give me nothing as you stretch the strands in your head.
Track Name: Soul
Mind follows soul, soul follows body,
The body she grows holds through the fire.
Tear shaped glasses and a wounded brow,
Heart shaped circles and a wandering eye.

I will try,
And you find the light in me.

Mind follows soul, soul follows body,
In the garden we grow we say to hell with all that.
Scratching around with a sole desire,
Withering hearts and a wandering eye.
Track Name: Straight And Narrow
Toe that line, who knows what we might find?
Strive for what I shouldn't and forfeit what I should,
I want more than this.
Track Name: Be Like You
She live in a little house by the sea,
She picks her demons without me, without me.
Ive been wandering around aimlessly,
Splitting my head on these cracks I see, I see.
But I refuse to believe my life is gonna be the sum of these numbers and crosses here, here.

I wanna be like you.

She lives in little house by the sea,
She fights her demons without me, without me.
And i'm alone in these open seas,
The waves are crashing over me, but I know you're with me.

I wanna be like you.

She lives in a world far from me,
With lights and dreams of electricity,
Without me.
I know my life is gonna be more than these numbers and crosses here, here.

I wanna be like you.